100% Cane Sugar

    The Adonis Ratio

    Golden Ratio Bodybuilding

    The Adonis Ratio - Golden Ratio Bodybuilding

    0167.071.06 The Adonis Ratio At Biorganics, Corp. we process, import and market our own brand of 100% Pure Cane Sugar from Mexico.

    We produce premium 100% Pure Cane Sugar, which results in the highest quality of this essential commodity.

    We service manufactures, distributors, confectioneries, and other sectors in the industry.

    From our state of the art packaging facility in Monterey, Mexico to our national distribution center in Laredo, TX., we are confident that we are able to meet you needs. 

    From Seed to Shelf, we have certifications including: FDA, ISO and Kosher. Also, we can prodouce any technical specifications and packaging requirements that you need.





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